Garstang and District Children’s Festival 30th May 2016

It is that time of year again! Garstang Children’s Festival is just around the corner and we are all ready for another marvellous day. The committee have been planning the event for a couple of months now. There are always new ideas and challenges for us but we always manage to deliver a wonderful event on the day.

The day in question is the Spring Bank Holiday Monday. Our town and the surrounding district have been celebrating this event for over 100 years. It is one of the most important dates of the year for many people, an event that is a special tradition for many residents in Garstang and beyond. We have plenty of tableaux already entered and they all sound fabulous, so you will not be disappointed at all on the day.

Our festival is unusual as we have two parades and they are both slightly different so make sure you have a good look at the programme. This day is a truly special family day and it is mostly free. It’s free to watch the parades, take part in the races, go on the rides on the playing fields, be entertained by the Punch and Judy show and watch brilliant junior football. We do have a refreshment tent but even the prices there are very reasonable.

Single pagesBefore I close, I want to pay tribute to David Gardener who was our festival committee secretary until he passed away last year. David absolutely loved the festival and all it stood for. It is a family day and David was a family man through and through. He was such a huge part of the festival and we are going to miss him terribly this year, he kept all the wheels on the wagon in more sense than one. We want to make this festival extra special to celebrate David and what he did not just for the committee but also for Garstang. He was truly a great person who gave so much of his time so all of us could enjoy fantastic events. So please join us this year and let’s hope the sun is shining down on all of us.

Best wishes,

Julie Bell

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  1. Hi
    I run a charity called Refurb (Wyre & Fylde) Ltd we run Garstang Community Recycling and Reuse Centre and in some way would like to get involved with your day could you email me or ring me on 01253 873371

    1. sorry the website was being transferred and re-done so a lot of the comments got lost – however now 2016 is over the committee will be looking to 2017 so PLEASE contact Julie Bell 01995603301

  2. When are the road closures please. I am looking to schedule getting in and out of home for getting to work (live in centre)
    Huge thanks

    1. SO SORRY this was not picked up – we have changed websites recently and this just was not looked at – no excuse we got it wrong

    1. SO SORRY this was not picked up – we have changed our website recently and this got overlooked – we wgot it wring no excuse

  3. Hello to the committe,
    I have to say something, Being involed with the Festival for over Five years as a Professional Face Painter, Iv’e worked hard none stop providing a high standard, to be told You have other face painters and you will not require my services for this year. Im very upset that you didn’t give me the chance to negociate cost, if it was down to your budjet?

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